Friday, June 14, 2013

Ladilike Style: Live In Shorts

Live In Shorts

I've never been a shorts girl.  A few years ago you couldn't catch me in a pair of shorts. I remember in college a group of my girls all decided to wear shorts to a party on a whim, but none of us owned a pair so we spent the whole day shopping.  Over time my style has evolved and now I am quick to throw on a pair of shorts on a hot day and I absolutely adore the variety of styles and prints available.

These white scalloped hem shorts are the definition of ladilike. They are gorgeous on their own, but they are downright droolworthy when paired with a lightweight patterned blazer.

While the first look skews a bit dressy, the center look features the quintessential "daisy dukes." Everyone and their mama had a pair of these super short shorts back in the day...even me! Paired with a cropped sweatshirt, this look is urban chic. Rihanna would be proud.

You all know I am a sucker for a global print so of course I had to feature a printed short. This pair is the perfect blend of a fun design with classic tailored with the front pleated detail, so I completed the look with a funky pair of heels (or metallic flats) and a crisp white blazer.

Will you be living in shorts this Summer? 

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  1. where to buy the shorts and heels for outfit #1 and #3?