Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Don't Miss Out! Keeping Up with Ladi Like WITHOUT Google Reader

You may have heard that Google has decided to get rid of Google Reader. If that means nothing to you, feel free to ignore the rest of this post. But if you (like me!) use Google Reader to keep up with all of the blogs that you follow--including this one--your world may be rocked. But, fear not! There are a few other ways you can keep up with me after Google Reader is retired.

Social Media

  • Follow me on Twitter (@CarMeMe) for blog posts, witty banter, and reality TV slander.  
  • Follow me on Instagram (LadilikeCarmeme) for endless selfies, inspirational quotes, and hilarious and slightly ratchet memes/cartoons (like this one!
Feed Readers
  • Bloglovin (Click here to follow Ladi Like on Bloglovin): Bloglovin allows you to find and follow your favorite blogs; once you follow a blog on Bloglovin, you can check for new posts on the Bloglovin website or get email alerts.  To make it easier for readers who are transitioning from Google Reader, Bloglovin allows you to import your subscriptions from Google Reader directly into Bloglovin.  Read blogs on the go? Bloglovin has a smartphone app for iPhone and Android!
  • Feedly is another great option to keep up with the blogs you follow. It also allows you to import your subscriptions from Google Reader, but the best part is that it maintains all of the categories/labels you set up in Google Reader. Another great features of Feedly is that the display is just freaking pretty! It is more colorful and vibrant than the basic Google Reader interface.  Feedly does have a smartphone app as well (iPhone and Android).
What's your favorite blog/feed reader? Let me know if there is one I missed!

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  1. Don't worry, I'll be keeping up wth you all over the place! ;)

    I've imported all of the blogs that I read into Feedly as well. I really like it!