Friday, November 30, 2012

OOTD: Denim On Denim

For this look I took notes from the Kanye West style book. Mr West is no stranger to the denim on denim look, also known as the "denim tuxedo."  I paired my denim top (one of the most worn items in my wardrobe!) and paired it with some dark gray jeans. I also channeled 'Ye by completing my look with a fresh pair of sneakers...wedge sneakers of course!

Top:  / Jeans: Old Navy / Belt: Old Navy Outlet / Wedge Sneakers: Steve Madden / Earrings: won from Curvy Southerner

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Keep Your Lips Soft This Winter: 3 Easy Ways!

Since I've started playing around with lipstick, I've definitely realized the importance of having smooth, soft lips! Cold weather has a funny way causing peeling and cracking that no amount of hydration or lip chap (Side note: What happened to Saaphyri?) can fix. But don't worry, there are a few ways to get your lips kissably soft just in time for meetings under the mistletoe, that magical New Year's Eve smooch, and special time with your Valentine!

The Buy Way
Purchase an exfoliating lip scrub to buff away the dry, dead skin off of your lips to reveal the soft skin underneath.  I have used the Two-Step Satin Lips set from Mary Kay with good results. It comes with a lip mask to exfoliate your skin and a lip balm to provide moisture.  If you are feeling fancy, check out the Bliss Fabulips treatment kit.  This four-piece system includes a lip cleanser (a product I didn't know even existed), an exfoliating lip scrub, a lip balm, and a lip plumper to get your lips in tip top shape.

The DIY Way
I am a kitchen beautician who probably spends more time in the kitchen whipping up hair and beauty mixes than preparing meals. If you are anything like me, you should try creating your own lip scrub using basic items in your kitchen. All you really need is a little honey and a little brown sugar--the honey provides moisture and anti-bacterial properties while the grittiness of the brown sugar works as an exfoliant. After rubbing your DIY scrub onto your lips, you can just like the sweet mix off! (Although, lip licking dries out your lips--I guess that's why LL Cool J did it so often!)

The Free Way
If you don't want to spend any money or time mixing up a new beauty product, try brushing your lips with a wet toothbrush.  I read about lip brushing years ago in an old Teen magazine and it was described as a way to make your lips plump and red...while your lips may look a little more full immediately after you do it, the main benefit is that the toothbrush gently exfoliates your lips, ridding them of the dead skin that peels and makes your lipstick look yucky.  Using a moist washcloth to rub your lips would also do the trick!

How do you keep your lips soft and supple? Share your best tips in the comments!

Friday, November 23, 2012

OOTD: Black (and Rust) Friday

Hey! Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday shopping excursion! I was out and about at midnight, came home for a quick nap and headed back out at about 7am to shop some more! Needless to say, I've been in the house sleeping, eating, and watching Netflix all day. In the spirit of Black Friday, I wanted to share a simple black and rust look I wore out recently for drinks with friends.

Did you catch any good deals today? Are you still in a food coma from Thursday? Feel free to share!

Outfit details: Blazer, Jeans: Old Navy / Blouse: Forever 21 / Clutch: Asos / Boots: Steve Madden Luxe / Earrings: Target

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

OOTD: Ain't Nothin But A Hound's Tooth

Blazer: Old Navy / Top: Dorothy Perkins (similar 1) (similar 2) / Jeans: Old Navy / Boots: Steve Madden / Bag: Steve Madden

Lately I've really gotten into hounds tooth print. I bought this cute sheer top from Dorothy Perkins that transitions from a houndstooth print in the front to a bird print in the back. I also bought an amazing hounds tooth blazer that will definitely be making an appearance on the blog in the near future!

As you can see, I got another long, curly sew-in.  This is the same as the hair I had over the summer (Halley's Curl Creole Wavy) but this time in 12" and 14" lengths.  I also sealed the wefts this time before the install, so hopefully there is minimal shedding and I can wear this hair until after New Year's.

Side Note: See all these leaves? There is a yard under there, but what's funny is that this is how it looks less than 2 weeks after using a leaf blower...and there are a lot more leaves ready to fall...No more yard work until after the holidays lol!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Act Like A Ladi...Dress Like A Diva: Slightly Retro

When I wore this outfit I was told that my blouse and  wedge heeled boots were reminiscent of the 1970s, hence the title of this post.  
Blouse: JCPenney (similar)  / Jeans: Old Navy / Boots: NYLA / Bag: Steve Madden

This blouse from JCPenney has a slightly boxy fit with a high-low hem, but I chose to tuck it in for a more fitted look. My hair is styled in a flat twist-out, and it is the last twist-out I'll be doing for a while since I just got a new sew-in! I'll post pics soon! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ladi Like PSA: The Limited 50% Off Sale

There has been a lot of mixed opinions about Black Friday, and some retailers' decision to turn Thanksgiving day into "Black Thursday." Some retailers are trying to get ahead of the game by offering sales and discounts as early as this weekend.  The Limited is getting into the action by offering 50% original priced items Saturday before 2PM.  Don't worry if you miss the 2pm deadline because after 2 they are still offering 40% off!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Act Like A Ladi...Dress Like A Diva: Fall Florals

Recently I got my hands on a pair of floral leggings. Large prints are usually outside of my comfort zone--especially wearing them on the bottom--but I actually kinda love these. They are so comfortable and can be dressed up, or down.

 Dressed Up

Blazer: Target (similar) / Shirt: Old Navy / Leggings: Dorothy Perkins (similar) / Boots: Michael Antonio / Necklace: Sears / Clutch: Asos (similar)

Dressed Down 

Cardigan: JC Penney / Tee: Old Navy / Leggings: Dorothy Perkins (similar) / Boots: Steve Madden / Necklace: JCPenney / Bracelet: DIY 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ladi Like PSA: Old Navy Outerwear Sale

Right now Old Navy is offering 50% off of all outerwear for the family. I scored a blazer, a denim jacket, and a coat (anorak style) for $60 total!! The prices are even better for the kiddies so you can get the suited up for the Winter. The sale-which is in stores and online-ends on November 12th!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scarves & Boots

Lately the cooler temperatures have inspired an everyday combo for me that combines comfort and style. There is nothing like a good scarf to add pops of color to your look and protect ya' neck (cue the Wu-Tang track #hiphophead)  from gusts of wind, while a comfy pair of boots provide much needed warmth.  

I wasn't lying when I said the scarf + boots combo is my everyday look--I've worn it 3 times in the past week! 
Top: TJ Maxx  (similar) / Jeans: JCPenney (similar) / Boots: Steve Madden / Clutch: Nine West (similar) / Scarf: Ross (similar)

This Fall I'm also testing the waters with lipstick. I'm usually a gloss gal but I'm loving the deep burgundy and purple shades for Fall. In the pics above I'm wearing Wet n' Wild Megalast lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy. I like it...alot! 
Top: JCPenney (similar) / Jeans: Old Navy / Boots: Seychelles / Bag: Nine West  (similar) / Scarf: Asos (similar 1 & similar 2) / Earrings: Target

This floral scarf from Asos is my absolute favorite! It is huge and has such pretty colors, I can wear it with almost anything in my closet!
Top: JCPenney  / Jeans: JCPenney (similar) / Boots: Steve Madden / Bag: Nine West  (similar) / Scarf: Asos (similar 1 & similar 2)

How do you keep warm while staying fly? 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Boots No. 7 Beautiful Skin Review

As part of my Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox, I received samples of the Boots No. 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm and the Beautiful Skin Night Creme.

From the Boots No. 7 website:

Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm (Dry/Very Dry)
A gentle, non-drying balm that cleverly dissolves make-up and impurities to help keep skin looking clear and healthy. Works in one simple step leaving no residue, just perfectly clean, soft and supple skin. It includes replenishing ceramides to help nourish dry skin and Glycerin and cocoa butter for deeper hydration.

Beautiful Skin Night Creme (Dry/Very Dry)
Instantly nourishes and promotes optimum hydration for healthy-looking radiant skin. making it less likely to be dry in the future. Containing additional moisturizing properties, this is exactly the care dry skin needs overnight to ensure you wake up with nourished and healthy looking skin. Glycerin, Shea butter and ceramides are added to the formulas leaving it incredibly smooth. Designed to work in harmony with your skin, replacing lost moisture and leaving you with healthy looking radiant skin.

My Thoughts
For about a week and a half, I used only these two products on my face. I noticed on the Boots website that each of their products have different formulas based on skin type (normal/oily, normal/dry, dry/very dry) and luckily the products I received were the dry/very dry skin formula. Every evening I would use the cleansing balm and follow up with the night cream, and in the morning I would rinse my face with warm water and use the night cream as my daily moisturizer (note: the brand does have a day cream, but I didn't get a sample of that).

I was very impressed with the way these products worked on my skin. My skin is DRY and sensitive and is prone to peeling on my forehead and my nose, even in the summer. Well I had absolutely NO peeling at all while using these products. After using the cleansing balm, my face felt soft and clean without the tight, dry feeling that I sometimes get with other products. The night cream also had my skin looking soft and supple. I didn't experience any adverse effects, and what few bumps and whiteheads I had went away within the first few days of using these skin products. One tip I have about using the cleansing balm is to make sure you follow the instructions which state that you should massage the balm into your skin--note that it does NOT mention wetting your face beforehand. The first time I tried it, I used it like a regular facial cleanser and wet my face first, but after rinsing the product off my face I could still feel some residue left behind. Using the cleansing balm as instructed, it rinsed clean without any product residue.

In short, I loved the cleansing balm and the night cream! I already ordered full sized bottles of both products and the day cream. If you want to try out the Boots No. 7 skin care line, their website ShopBootsUSA is offering free shipping on orders over $25!

*Disclaimer: I recieved these products complimentary via Influenster. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fashion Lust List

Hey Y'all (in my Paula Deen voice)! I've been a little under the weather so I took a little break from blogging and truth be told, my outfits haven't been too noteworthy recently. But now I'm feeling better and I'm back to blogging! 

Now that Halloween has passed, it's time to focus on my two favorite holidays- Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm already coming up with outfit ideas to look cute and festive for the holidays, and turn heads on New Years Eve! I'm trying to limit my shopping in preparation for Black Friday deals/Christmas sales and I'm claiming a 10lb weight loss by the end of the year, so for now I'll just drool over these items from afar. 

Bisou Bisou Brocade Jeans

Mossimo Mixed Medium Jacket in Tweed 

Old Navy Rock Star Jeans in Juicy Grape

Asos Houndstooth Peplum Skirt

Asos (Faux) Leather Colorblock Skirt 

Oasap Leopard  Head Flats
Collective Concepts Floral Shirt Dress

Michael Kors Leather and Python Booties

Enjoy the rest of your week, and check back for more posts coming up soon!