Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Protective Style: Halley's Curls Sew-In Weave

My hair needed a break from daily styling--and so did my fingers--so I got a sew-in! I love big, curly hair so that was the look I wanted for the Summer, and as luck would have it I won a $150 store credit to Halley's Curls during one of their twitter giveaways.  I purchased their Creole Wavy texture in 16" and 18" lengths.  Here's how the hair looked fresh out the pack: 

Fresh install:

I've been blending the hair by braiding my blow-dried leave-out hair into the extensions and then taking it out each morning.
Blending, after a few days:


  1. Cute! Girl, i got me a sew in for the summer too! Gotta love a good weave :-)

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