Friday, March 29, 2013

My Little Secrets Lace Front Wig: Initial Review

Another day, another protective style! 
I recently decided to try something new and purchase my first lacefront wig.  I was very nervous and hesitant to start using lace fronts...we have all seen some horrible ones on MediaTakeout and even on some celebrities and if people who have millions of dollars can't get it right, how can little old me get one without looking crazy?  I bit the bullet and bought one after realizing that the price would be comparable to what I would pay for a sew-in weave (hair + paying for the install) and, even if I didn't love the wig, it could still be my "work wig" to give my natural hair a rest during the week (and give me a few extra minutes of sleep in the mornings!)

After some YouTube research, I found an affordable wig vendor that had natural looking wigs.  My Little Secrets offers lace front and full lace wigs in both curly and straight styles (I'm currently lusting over their curly hair options!).  Their wigs-unlike some other brands I saw--look good on the mannequins,  so I had high hopes for how they would look on my head.  I purchased "Diamond", a 10-12 inch 100% Human Indian Remy lace front wig in color 1B and selected their Yaki texture.  Here is a pic from the website: 

My Little Secrets "Diamond" (source)

My Little Secrets also offers add on services such as adding combs, coloring services, knot bleaching (which apparently makes the lace hairline and parts look more natural), and  adding hair to increase the length or density of their stock wigs.  I chose to get the knots semi-bleached to make the wig look as realistic as possible. Because this is technically a coloring service to the "roots" of the hair, the website does mention that this process can compromise the hair, especially if you are ordering a wig that has already been dyed.  

My only issue with the ordering process for the wig is the shipping. Most wigs ship within 5-6 business days, with an addition 4-8 business days added for the add on services (knot bleaching adds 8 days).  On top of that, the vendor's business week is from Wednesday to Saturday instead of the standard Monday to Friday. I ordered my wig on February 28th...and it did not ship until March 20th. Thankfully, it was shipped through priority mail so I got it 3 days after it was shipped.  

Now...for some pics: 
Side view

lace front portion of wig
The wig comes with combs on both sides and in the rear. There is lace from ear to ear, with about a 3inx3in area of lace at the front that allows you to create a center or a side part.

I took a few pictures of the wig fresh out of the box, with the lace still attached.   My Little Secrets does have an exchange program if you are not happy with your wig, but the wig must not be altered and the lace must not be cut so I wanted to make sure it was to my liking before cutting the lace.  There were no defects, the wig actually came pre-curled/styled, and I was impressed with how natural the part and hairline looked--even with the lace still attached!  The hair was really soft and had a natural, low-shine look.  I noticed no shedding at all with running my hands through it and combing it with a wide tooth comb. 

Final product, minimal styling
After cutting the lace, I curled the hair a little just to see how it would respond to heat styling. The hair curled easily and held the curls for 4 days of continuous wear. At night, I store the wig on a styrofoam wig head and in the morning I don't have to do anything to it.  As for my real hair...I twisted it back into 4 large flat twists, pinned the ends up in the back, and hid my hair under a wig cap.

So far, I am loving this wig! It feels so good to literally spend less than 1 minute styling my hair, and I cannot believe how the part looks like my own scalp!  I have to mention that if there is really strong wind the sides of the wig where the lace is may lift up if you don't glue it down (I do NOT use glue), but with combs on the side of the wig it is very secure (read: will not fly off!) and if you are worried about it you can use a couple of bobby pins by your ear. 

What do you all think? Have you ever tried a lace front? 


  1. Awesome secrets of lace front and full lace wigs in both curly as well as straight styles.

  2. Awesome review!! I'll check them out!

  3. great review. i only started wearing wigs a year or so ago but i am always looking for new ones.

    this one looks really fab on you!

    1. Thanks! I'm already thinking about my next one lol

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