Monday, March 18, 2013

Casual Outfit & Goddess Twists

Jacket: Old Navy / Shirt: TJ Maxx / Jeans: Bisou Bisou / Boots: Steve Madden

This outfit was just something to throw on to go shopping.  Out of pure laziness To give my hair a rest from a week of twist-outs with nightly re-twisting, I decided to style my hair in goddess braids (also known as milkmaid braids) made famous by the fabulous Tracee Ellis Ross.   Then I realized I can't braid, so I settled for goddess twists.  This style took all of 5 minutes, and with my big earrings and a little bit of blush, I was good to go! 


  1. Cute! I love the simple cuteness of this outfit! Totally something I would rock!

    I have to get into protective styling now that my hair is a little longer. I might have to duplicate your twists(because I don't know how to braid either, ha!)

    1. Thanks! What's funny is I used to be able to braid but somehow the skill left me lol!