Friday, May 31, 2013

#Team Twistout, #Team Braidout...or #Team Both?

It is no secret that I love a good twistout--specifically, a flat twist out. Twisting is quick and easy (for me) to do, and while it may come out looking different every time, the results are almost always great.

On the other hand, braidouts work better for stretching my hair to give my style length and also produce a pretty crinkly texture.
My problem is that I can't cornrow my own hair so I have to do individual braids all over my head, which when done right (see below) can look cute, but I really only have about a 50% success rate doing braidouts. 

Recently, I've started using a new method- the twistout-braidout combo! I set my hair in large chunky twists in the back to create volume and provide overall shape to my hair, while setting the front in individual braids to give me some swang and definition around my face. Best of both worlds!
twistout-braidout combo!

the combo on dry hair

the combo on wet hair

To my natural hair sistas, are you #team twistout, #team braidout, or #team both?


  1. Love your hair. I'm #teamboth it just depends on my mood, or the look I'm going for. Lol.

  2. I find that twistouts work much better on my hair since I'm still transitioning and never did the big chop.

  3. I've never tried braid outs before, but I think once I come out of this protective style, I might! Love how the combo looks on you!