Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Swap It Out!

Style Swaps

Sick of the same old, same old when it comes to your style? Try these fashion swaps on for size!

Swap the little black dress (LBD) for the little black jumpsuit (LBJ). Every woman has heard the rule that you need to have a LBD in your closet, but whatchu know about that LBJ? A LBJ can pack just as much heat (see what I did there?) as a sexy little black dress, and a jumpsuit in a classic cut like the one above can serve as a nice alternative in your work wardrobe for the days when you want more coverage than a dress but are not in the mood to style a pair of dress pants.

Swap your "carry-it-all" tote for "the essentials only" wristlet. Bag lady, you gon' hurt your back, dragging all those bags like that! As a woman, sometimes you feel you need to have a large purse to carry everything in case of emergencies. But do you really need that full sized umbrella year round? Or your cosmetic bag when you are running everyday errands? By paring down to just the essentials (wallet, a lip stick, hand sanitizer/medicine, compact mirror, etc) you can give your back a break and not look like that old lady in the grocery store, holding up the line while she fumbles through her luggage sized purse trying to find her coupons.

Swap your sky-high heels for fun and flirty flats.  I'm of the school of thought that "Fly is Fly", not "Fly is as Fly does."  If you are naturally fly, you can rock a modest frock and still be fly and turn heads.  Likewise, stilettos are not the only way to be sexy--you can be just as sexy in a pair of flats or (gasp!) a kitten heel! Sometimes heels are just not practical, but you don't have to sacrifice style when you give up those 5 inch heels. A pair of printed, or embellished flats can do the trick...and did I mention how comfy they are?!

I hope you enjoy this post! For more style swap ideas check out my new "Swap It Out" tab!

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