Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Style Rut? Swap It Out!

For me, getting dressed is more than just an act, it is a process that usually ends up with my closet looking like the aftermath of a natural disaster with shirts, shoes, and belts strewn about and several empty clothes hangers stacked on the floor. I hate to wear the same outfit the exact same way, so I'm always trying out new pairings to see what works. Sometimes simple swaps can change your drab, go-to outfit into something fab.   Don't believe me? Just watch:

Simple Wardrobe Swaps

A nude shoe always works, but a pop of color can breathe new life into a classic, simple look.  

I'm always preaching the gospel of the chambray/denim shirt, but I love the juxtaposition of the casual top with a classic piece such as a black and white houndstooth pencil skirt. The chambray shirt allows you to get more miles out of your wardrobe by pairing with seemingly work-only items and taking them from work-to-play.  

Sequins are usually reserved for evening wear, New Year's Eve, and other glam occasions, but pairing an ornate, embellished piece with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans creates an unexpected yet fun look--perfect for date night!

The next time you are having an "I have nothing to wear!" moment, pull two items from your closet that you have never worn together and TRY IT ON, you may fall in love with the look! Be sure to bookmark this page to keep these outfit ideas handy! 

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