Thursday, December 6, 2012

Throwback Thursday (#TBT): Relaxed Hair Journey (and decision to transition!)

Sometime during my junior year of college (2008) I got really into haircare. I followed countless blogs, created a regimen, and seriously started focusing on healthy hair practices and growing long, beautiful hair. I was still relaxed back then, but I started stretching my relaxers, switched from direct heat to roller sets, and experimented with protective styles (even though I didn't have a name for them back then!). I was active on a few healthy hair social networks including  I kinda forgot about the site after I went natural, but today I got a random email saying that I had a new friend request waiting so I logged on just for kicks...Aah, old memories!

I found my old pics from my relaxed hair journey, and a short blog post I did when I was thinking about transitioning!

Take a look:

It is amazing how far I've come from the nervous girl who was scared to commit to transitioning  to being almost 2.5 years fully natural (almost 3.5 years post- my last relaxer)! The best part is that my hair is now longer than it was when I was relaxed!


  1. Kudos on your growth, Carmesha! OMG I have a tattoo on my back too and I always have measured my growth by saying "I can't wait until my hair covers my tattoo" lol.

  2. YAY!! It's awesome to be able to take a look back and see where it all started. Congrats on the transition and maintaining.