Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Shiny New Year! NYE Look Ideas: Sequins

My mother has had a red sequin dress hanging in her closet for (at least) the past 20 years that she refuses to get rid of.  Growing up I jokingly referring to this as the "Tina Turner Dress", but with age comes wisdom and I now realize that sequins made for more than just the stage!

We are only two and a half weeks away from the year 2013, so it's time to start preparing for the last "hoorah" of the year known as New Year's Eve. Whether your plans involve hosting a party, dinner with loved ones, or releasing your inner ratchet wild child at the club, one thing is for sure--you want to look your best!

Sequins are a festive way to add glamour, sparkle, and a little fun to your wardrobe--qualities that are perfect for crafting your head-turning New Year's Eve look! If you really want to make a statement, choose a bold sequined dress.  If you are not quite ready to scream "Here I Am", opt for a sequin skirt or tank/corset toned down with a blazer, or even save the sequins for your accessories (like this fab clutch and necklace!)

Be on the lookout for more posts on NYE Ideas where I feature metallic and baroque styles!
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  1. I'm in love with sequins, Carmesha. And it doesn't have to be a holiday or anything lol. My go-to look is a blazer, skinnies, and a sequined tank. I'm loving the asos bandeau top on the first row. I might have to grab that up when I get off my no-buy lol.

    Great post!

    1. LOL good luck with your no-buy, I have a hard time with those! I'm usually a blazer/tank/skinnies girl but I try to wear a nice skirt or dress for New Year's.