Thursday, October 18, 2012

My First Youtube Video! High Bun Tutorial

When I  got a new camera last month I started playing around with it snapping pics everywhere and making little videos to test it out. Well, today I'm taking the big (and I mean BIG) step of sharing one of my videos with someone other than my fiance. I just posted my very first video on YouTube  It is a short tutorial showing how I create a high bun hairstyle. Check it out on YouTube, or view it here after the jump. Hope you enjoy!

High Bun Instructions:

  • Make a high ponytail
  • Separate ponytail into two sections-pulling one forward and one towards the back of your head
  • Roll the front section forward as if you were rolling a big roller and pin. Repeat with the back section (rolling towards the back)
  • Spread the hair around until you can't see the ponytail holder. 

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