Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hair This Week: Two-Strand Twists

Sunday night I spent a couple of hours twisting my hair while catching up on my DVR recordings. I have not twisted my hair in about a year mainly because I don't like spending hours on my hair and because I really like wearing my hair in loose styles, but I really needed a styling break (and a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning before getting ready for work!). Plus I need more time for my scalp to rest from that Jamaican Black Castor Oil reaction before I get another sew-in (I think I may have gotten addicted to long hair!). The good thing about the twists is that my hair retains so much moisture that I could go all week without adding any product my hair and it will still feel moisturized when I take the twists apart. Also, the shrinkage (see pics) makes my hair so short that it doesn't rub against my clothes as much, limiting that friction and possible breakage. I'll probably keep the twists in until Friday night and then wash and flat twist my hair to wear in a twist out for the weekend.

What are your hair plans for the week?


  1. It's crazy how short natural hair looks when it's in it's curl form but once stretched it's always LONG! Your length is GREAT!!!!

    Miss Daja

    1. Thanks! One of the hardest parts of going natural is getting used to this shrinkage!