Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Ladi's Tresses: "Twist-Out, Pin Up" Style Tutorial

  • Start with wet or dry hair, and part hair from ear to ear to divide into 2 sections (one in front, one in back)
  • Take back section of hair and create individual twists (I usually do about 9 twists in the back, 3 rows of 3)
  • Take front section of hair and part into 3 sections of equal size. Part from your forehead straight back to the first ear-to-ear part you did. 
  • Take the front right (or whichever side you like to wear your hair) section and make 3 small flat twists going back towards the middle of your head. 
  • Take the front left section and make 3 small horizontal flat twists going down to the side of your face. 
  • Take the middle section and make 3 small flat twists going to the left and laying over the twists you made with the left section of hair (It should look like two layers of twists).
  • Roll the ends of each twist using your roller of choice ( I use small perm rods).
  • When you are ready to style, remove all the rollers and untwist your whole head. 
You can stop here and rock a twist-out. At this point, my hair looks like this:

To create the pin-up, keep reading:

  • Take the hair from the back half of your head and loosely pin it up using bobby pins or side combs. 
  • Take the hair from the front right section and pin back so the curls sit at the top of your head.
  • Fluff the remaining hair out in the front and pull towards your face to make a bang. You're Ready to Go!

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