Monday, July 29, 2013

My Little Secrets "Soul" Lacefront Wig Review

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I ordered a second wig from My Little Secrets Online and would be posting a review.  I apologize for the delay; at first I was hesitant about how much I wanted to share about this experience but I realized that it is my duty as a blogger to keep it all the way here we go!

The Buying Experience

I placed an order on May 10th for the "Soul" lacefront wig, hoping to allow enough time for it to get here before my beach vacation in June.  From my first experience with the company, I knew that add-on services would cause processing delays so I ordered the wig as is. Weeks go by and I realize that I had not received any email saying that my order had been shipped, and every time I check the status of my order on their website the status was listed as "awaiting fulfillment."  The My Little Secrets Online website has a messaging feature where customers can send a note to the company about their order and get a response in 12 to 24 business hours. In a perfect world this messaging system would work...however I waited 2 full days and got no response to my message.  At this point I went to follow the company on all the social media sites to try my luck with contacting them there. To my surprise they were very active on Instagram, so I took a screen shot of my message, posted it to my Instagram and tagged the company  in the post.

Almost instantly, I had a comment from the brand inquiring about my order number (the comment has since been removed), and within 5 minutes I received a phone call from the owner.  I got no explanation for the hold up, but she was friendly and offered to express ship my order to me so I received it in the next few days.

After this experience, I probably will not order from My Little Secrets again.  I understand that mistakes and delays happen, but I value open communication and honoring your word (guaranteed shipping in 5-6 business days, messages answered in 12-24 business hours).

The Wig

When I finally got the wig, I was a big ball of emotions--relief, happiness, excitement, you name it! I fell in love with the look of the wig, but I am not sure the wig that I received is actually the one I ordered. The curl pattern is not as tight as I expected, but I'm happy with what I got and didn't want to go through the hassle of an exchange.
Wig Texture fresh out of the package (Center).  The wig on the left is what I ordered...mine looks more like the texture  Best Curl Ever (R) 
After cutting off the lace and washing the wig, I started playing around with it and cut a little bit of the length in the front.

Damp vs Dry, with only a little bit of leave in conditioner

I also tried braiding it to see what the texture would look like with a braid out.

The hair is amazingly soft...even after having it for over a month now it has not lost its softness one bit! As far as curly hair, there has been some shedding but it has very few tangles and I have no problem running my fingers through it--this hair has been much easier to manage than all of the curly sew-in weaves I've tried.
To style, I dampen the hair with water, spray it with a moisturizer (Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier), and apply some Ouidad Climate Control Gel to my palm and run my hands through the hair.

My styling trifecta 

My only issue with the wig itself is the color. It was only available in a color #2(dark brown).  My first wig was a #1B and it was made with a black cap, but this lighter one has a brown cap, so between the light color of the cap and hair, the density of the hair, and the darkness of the actual weft, I'm worried that people can see the weft (or "track") at the top of my head.

Overall, I'm pleased with my wig; in a hair battle with Serena Williams I would totally win...maybe lol.

*Note: Needless to say, the views in this post were my own. I also purchased this wig with my own money. Although I may have had a negative buying experience this time, I cannot say whether or not you should purchase from them, I can only share my experience to keep you all informed. To read about my first experience buying from My Little Secrets Online, click here.  


  1. I'm impressed. Which is hard! lol I usually HATE wig, but this doesn't look bad at all! Good Job!

    1. LOL thanks! I totally understand, I've seen so many horrible ones I was scared to try them until now.

  2. I've read some bad reviews on them on and was afraid to order for that reason. Thanks for the heads up. I am hearing rave reviews about glamour house of hair wig company.

    1. Thanks, I'll definitely look into Glamour House for my next purchase!

  3. That is one gorgeous wig. I really like it and it looks so good on you.
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  6. please google and review this company before placing an order!! Do not order from her you will regret it. shedding over-priced wigs that don't even look like the pics posted! Please be wise and review and not go off youtube videos...