Sunday, April 7, 2013

It Was A Good Day (OOTD)

Just waking up in the morning, gotta thank God / I don't know but today seems kinda odd  - Ice Cube, "It Was a Good Day" 
"It Was a Good Day" is one of those songs that always puts me in a zone. If it comes on in the car, I immediately want to turn the volume up to ignorant levels, let the windows and sunroof down, and tie a black bandana around my head  set my cruise control at 25 mph. Today was one of those days that Ice Cube waxes poetically about in the song.  No barking from the dog, no smog.  A perfect 72 degrees, all sun and no wind. Grocery shopping at Target with no checkout lines. Dessert with the boo at Coldstone. Last but not least, i was gifted the cute little quilted crossbody bag I've been wanting from Asos.  Hope you all are having a wonderful day as well! 

Blouse:The Limted (similar) / Skirt: H&M purchased from  Naturally Fashionable e-store (similar) / Flats: Mossimo / Bag: Nine West (love this printed one!)  / Necklace: Asos / Watch: Invicta

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