Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Goals: January Update

Develop healthier eating habits 
I tracked calories everyday this month using the Myfitness pal app.  My daily calorie limit was 1340 net calories (I got extra calories on the days I exercised). I was able to keep my net calorie count below the limit until the 29th when I let a cupcake and some goldfish crackers get the best of me :(

Limit restaurant meals to 4x/month or less 
I went out to a restaurant once every weekend this month, but each time I researched healthy menu items beforehand to make sure I didn't go over my calorie limit. I cooked dinner at home more, prepared more salads, and snacked on fresh fruit.  I cut out sodas for the most part...there was one occasion where I had to have one so I just pulled out a 1oz shot and had a shot of Coke ;)

Work out 3x/wk
I'm proud to say met this goal this month! I exercised for 30 minutes for 12 sessions this month, and got in a couple of extra mini-workouts.

Develop my health/wellness “glam squad” (family dr, dentist, poss dermatologist and masseuse)
Haven't made any progress with this one.

Retain hair growth (4+ inches).
I wore my hair in some sort of bun or pinned-up style for most of the month.  I only wore it down in twist/braid outs on Saturdays and I had about 2 days during the month where I wore a wash-n-go. On Sundays, I hid my hair under a satin bonnet and a hat. I've  been moisturizing (and even made my own moisture spritz!) and sealing nightly, and made sure to cover my hair in a satin scarf or bonnet every night.

Limit use of pain medicine to 4x/mo
I failed on this one during a week where I had headaches almost daily, probably due to a combination of poor sleep habits, tying my scarf too tight, and being out in the cold air. I did experiment with using peppermint oil and massage to relieve headaches. 

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