Monday, February 27, 2012

Speed Up Your Morning Routine: Face

In the world of never-ending to-do lists, high-speed everything, and the feeling that you have to be Super Woman to juggle all of your responsibilities (work, school, family, and looking good), it seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day. I realize this the most as I lie down after a long day, and after what feels like only a brief nap (that was actually 7hrs) I'm up, scrambling to get myself together before rushing into work--hopefully on time.

While the amount of time we have each day is fixed, we can make little adjustments to our daily activities to make better use of our time.  Think about your morning routine; how long does it take you to make it from your bed to your commute? Do you find yourself sacrificing your looks or your health just because you feel you don't have enough time to put forth the effort?  Let's change that way of thinking ladies.  Here are some tips to help you speed up that morning routine while preserving your sexy (does anyone else remember that P. Diddy Proactiv commercial? lol)

Speed Up Your Morning Routine: Face

  • Develop a beauty regimen.  A regimen is a set of steps that you do everyday. For example, you may start by brushing teeth, then washing your face, applying toner, then moisturizing. Once you have this routine set you can begin going through the motions on auto-pilot even if you’re still half asleep. To speed up the routine, line your products up in the order that you use them so you can just go down the line without having to stop and think about it.
  • Use multifunction products.  Think you don't have enough time to apply makeup?  Well switching to a tinted moisturizer allows you to combine the moisturizing and foundation step in one.  Products like the Stila Prime Color Set (shown in this post) can be used to provide color on your cheeks, eyelids, and lips, saving you from having to fumble around for that lipstick at the bottom of your makeup bag!
  • Keep it simple. Take care of the bare necessities, then focus on activities that provide the biggest payoff for you.  If just a little eyeliner and a swipe of mascara is all that it takes to make your eyes pop, then skip the eyeshadow. Also, if you get your eyebrows professionally shaped and just do a little clean-up on your own every week or so, you probably can get away with just brushing your eyebrows into place with a clear brow gel  instead of having to fill them in each morning. 

Want more tips? Check back next week where I'll cover your morning hair routine.

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  1. Organizing your items by lining them up. That is an amazing idea. And yes. I remember that commercial and him saying that. Too funny. Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed reading this post.