Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How She Wore: F/W Florals (OOTD)

First OOTD post of the New Year! Woo Hoo!

Recently I wrote a post about how to wear floral prints in the Fall and Winter.  Last weekend I had an opportunity to put my tips to the test and rocked a floral dress to a baby shower.  Luckily the weather was a nice 60 degrees so I didn't have to layer up with a bulky coat, but I did add some opaque tights, knee high boots, and a blazer to winterize the dress a bit.  

Fun Fact: I was not in love with this dress when I first saw it and at least 3 people told me it had a "grandma print;" but, after trying it on I loved it and I think the naysayers changed their minds. That goes to show how style is about personal tastes, and having a keen eye for "diamonds in the rough."

Another fun fact: this was my first time wearing a purse in about a month! I usually carry a huge handbag daily with a purse organizer, wallet, umbrella, gloves, a mini pharmacy, and make up bag...needless to say I've had back pain so I've converted t to just carrying a wristlet with only bare necessities.  It has taken some getting used to, but I'm pain-free and I'm no longer that lady holding up the check out line digging through her purse looking for stuff. #smallwins 

Blazer: Bar III / Dress: Bar III / Boots: Arturo Chiang / Necklace: Croft & Barrow / Bag: Asos

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  1. Hey Love! I'm a BLM Girl...just wanted to show love. Cute OOTD ♡