Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shoe Lust

I may have an addiction...

It seems I can't go more than a month without getting a new pair of shoes. I always get a good deal and I try to get shoes that I will actually wear (instead of having them sit in the black of my closet)  but no matter how I rationalize it, I got it bad y'all...I love shoes!

I was itching to get some new shoes this week so I started browsing my favorite shoe websites (Endless, DSW, Aldo, 6pm)  and Shopstyle to comparison shop for best prices.  I narrowed down to a few pairs that I liked and here are some of the hottest (and pretty affordable) styles:
Aldo- Bracker 

Steve Madden- P-Rada

Madden Girl- Wisperr

Aldo- Mendosa 
After some thought and some input from my fiance,  I settled on these bad boys:
Seychelles- Good Ole Days 
They have a comfortable 3" heel, I love the colors, are so ladi-like, and just so "Me"! Thank God for free 2-day shipping so I will be able to wear them this weekend!

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