Monday, March 12, 2012

Speed Up Your Morning Routine: Getting Dressed

Speed Up Your Morning Routine: Getting Dressed 

  • Organize your closet. Save time by knowing where everything is. Separate items by type (dresses,  pants, jackets, etc) and color so if you have an idea in your head you can quickly scan your closet to find the pieces to put it together.
  • Keep accessories readily accessible. Organize your accessories and keep them close to where you get dressed. I used to store my jewelry in a second bedroom that  was close to my front door, BUT I hardly ever had to go into the room (other than for the jewelry) so it was easy for me to walk right past the room and forget my earrings. To fix this, I added a hanging jewelry organizer to my Christmas List last year.  Here's one that's similar to mine (link). Now I have most of my favorite jewelry items in my organizer and keep it hanging up in my closet so I can quickly make my selection in the morning.
  • Plan ahead.  Prepare outfits weekly or the night before. This gives you time to iron, remove lint, and play dress up to come up with the perfect outfit when you are not in a rush!

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