Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 Goals: February Update

Develop healthier eating habits 
I tracked calories everyday this month using the My Fitness Pal app on my iPhone.  My daily calorie limit was 1320 net calories (I got extra calories on the days I exercised). I had a  few missteps with this goal...on Valentine's Day I overindulged on sweets, I ordered a dessert with dinner and had one too many of those Valentine's Day chocolates. Also, my parents took my fiance out to dinner and I had a few too many boneless chicken wings and went over my calorie count, but I tried to compensate for that by eating under 1300 calories the day before and the day after. I made a habit of buying fruit and eating it at least every other day. 

Limit restaurant meals to 4x/month or less 
I went out to a restaurant once every weekend this month (except on the week of Valentine's Day when I went out during the week), but  I still tried to research healthy menu items beforehand to make sure I didn't go over my calorie limit.

Work out 3x/wk
I did a total of 16 workouts in 29 days!  I'm really proud of myself, because usually I quit after about 2-3 weeks lol. I had a couple that were only 20-25min sessions, but for the most part I tried to 30 to 45 min workouts.

Develop my health/wellness “glam squad” (family dr, dentist, poss dermatologist and masseuse)
Haven't made any progress with this one.

Retain hair growth (4+ inches).
I stuck with protective styles this month, and maybe 1 day a week I wore my hair out in a twist-out. I tried a wash-n-go puff once and let me tell ya, it will be a looong time before I do another one.  I had forgotten how tangled my hair could get after a wash-n-go...I'm sticking with the protective styles and twist-outs for now.

Limit use of pain medicine to 4x/mo
I did take an Advil only 2 times this month for cramps. 

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